AMAT 3300-02240 / FTG FLG 2-3/4 P.D X 0.5″ SST BLK NON ROT CF


These Nor Cal FLANGE,CF 2 3/4 NON-ROT,316L  have part number 275-000N-316L, are new, and come with full Nor Cal warranty. Nor-Cal Products manufactures a complete line of ISO/NW/ASA/CF vacuum fittings. The tube portions are fabricated from 304 stainless steel. 316L stainless steel can be supplied or request. CF Flanged are available with UNC or UNF tapped and untapped holes. Metric tapped or helocoiled holes can be ordered as specials. Tapped flanges have through holes, so bolts may potrude slightly from the back of the flange when fastened to an untapped flange. Nor-Cal products makes its own elbows, and all tees and crosses are made with the pulled-port technique. This allows smooth, crevice-free butt welds to provide the maximum, in cleanliness for UHV applications.

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275-000N, 275-000N-316L


SST 316

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Fitting Flange, Non-Rot